Move møbler


The furniture for MOVE has been designed for the modern home and the modern individual. Our products not only build on decades of experience within aquarium design, but also on centuries of development and tradition in Danish design and furniture craft.

The furniture for MOVE is available in a white or black varnish finish in the following sizes:

  • 100x50x79 cm, with 2 doors for 100x50 cm aquarium
  • 130x50x79 cm, with 2 doors for 130x50 cm aquarium
  • 160x60x79 cm, with 3 doors for 160x60 cm aquarium
  • 200x60x79 cm, with 3 doors for 200x60 cm aquarium

All MOVE furniture is supplied with one or 2 shelves and a removable partition wall. The removable partition wall comes in two parts. If you need a large space for e.g. a filter well, simply remove the back part of the partition wall and leave the front one as a support for your aquarium.

With respect for the cabinet's durability, we always recommend that a filter sump is supplied with a tightly fitting lid. Alternatively, you can fit a ventilator to constantly remove the damp from the air inside the cabinet. If there is a risk of water spillage inside the cabinet, you can easily seal all the holes in the cabinet with a suitable silicone. It is always worth mopping up any spilt water straight away. Even if the furniture is varnished with several layers of varnish, it is not resistant to longer periods of water exposure.



The characteristic solid end plates are made from 35 mm varnished MDF and the doors in 19 mm MDF. All internal parts and the back parts are made from 18 mm white melamine plates. All the furniture is therefore always white and light inside.


Lead-through holes

On the back of the furniture are two large lead-through holes. You can use these to feed cables and filter hoses in and out of the cabinet. If you want to avoid the hoses passing in and out of the cabinet and along the back of the aquarium, you can easily feed the hoses directly into the aquarium through the holes in the bottom glass of your MOVE aquarium. The furniture is also adapted for this, as the holes in the top plate have already been drilled.


Strong and elegant hinges

The hinges have an in-built spring, which makes the lid spring open when you push on it.


Push to open

The magnet keeps the lid closed. A gentle push makes the door spring open.

Push to open




StillebenThe MOVE furniture is designed to be assembled without setscrews. If your floor is uneven, or if there is a risk of water spillage on the floor, you can either adjust it/add height using your own spacer. Alternatively, you can buy a set of attachable legs, which are easy to fit behind the cabinet's base. See section on accessories for further information.

Nb. When installing on yielding wood floors, we do not recommend the use of setscrews. All the weight, and therefore the pressure, is transferred through the setscrews onto some quite small areas (point load), which can make the floor boards stiff over time. When installing on difficult wood floors, we recommend that the furniture is adjusted in height along its entire length and width. This means the weight is evenly distributed across a much larger area.