MOVE aquariums


Together with talented, creative Danish designers, we have created a unique aquarium.

A timeless and functional design combined with sophisticated and durable materials provides the best environment for your hobby.



MOVE is a new elegant designer aquarium

Based on a clearly Danish design and a high functionality, we have developed this new state-of-the-art aquarium.

The sturdy and beautifully crafted end pieces in solid aluminium are representative of the best way of building an optimum quality aquarium. The high functionality is evident in e.g.: the fully opening lid, which makes daily care and maintenance of the aquarium easy and trouble free, the elegant feed covers, which can also be used as e.g. feed dispensers, an extra high bottom frame, which hides the gravel edge, a beautifully integrated cable/hose opening at the back of the aquarium, drilled holes at the bottom of the glass, which enable direct connection of filter pumps, removable crossbars that provide easy, unhindered access when the aquarium needs to be organised, and not least, lighting that can be placed according to needs and wishes.

MOVE can be supplied with LED's and/or T5 lights, and the number of lights can be adjusted according to individual needs and wishes. Both LED's and the T5 lights comes in dimmable versions, which means you can use our Sunriser to simulate sunsets and sunrises in the aquarium. The T5 fitting is made of polycarbonate and is naturally 100% water-resistant. The bottom side of the aquarium’s lid is white-varnished to ensure maximum reflection of the light from the fittings.


MOVE variants

MOVE is available in 5 sizes and in 2 colours. You can choose between black and white lids and furniture. The aluminium profiles on the actual aquarium are, however, always in a natural brushed finish.

MOVE is available in the following sizes: 

  •   80x40x50 cm  160 litres
  • 100x50x55 cm  275 litres
  • 130x50x55 cm  360 litres
  • 160x60x60 cm  576 litres
  • 200x60x60 cm  720 litres

 You will find more information about the furniturer for the MOVE aquarium in the section on furniture.


MOVE lighting

You can choose between T5 lighting and LED lighting. You can of course also choose a combination of two light sources. There is space for many light units. That’s why getting enough light is never a problem, even for the most light-thirsty plants and corals. Under the lighting section, you will find more information about the options available.

Move belyening

Filter connection through the bottom glass

The MOVE aquarium is supplied as standard with holes in the bottom glass (the 80cm has 2 holes, 100cm,130cm & 160cm has 3 holes and the 200cm has 4 holes). The holes make it easy and safe to connect event the biggest filter pumps, or to use an open filter sump in the cabinet below. If you do not want to use the holes, solid and safe stoppers are supplied with the purchase of the aquarium.

Move propper i bundglas


How to use the holes in the bottom

If you choose to connect your filter using the holes, there are several options. Click on the link for advice and drawings with order numbers etc. for the necessary accessory parts.

See options


If you do not wish to use the holes at the bottom for the filter pump’s hoses, but would rather feed them out behind the aquarium, you can use the two hose leads at the back of the aquarium. 

Please note that the holes are not suitable for hoses larger than approx. 16-18 mm. When you do not use the openings, they can be sealed with an attractive and solid aluminium lid. 

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Feed caps

Smart feed caps in the lid make daily feeding easy as pie. The caps are easy to separate for cleaning, and if you want to use a feed dispenser, you can also use the holes for this. 

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The elegant end pieces in solid aluminium reflect the unique design and give the impression of a really quality product. 

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The bottom of the lid is white-varnished. This allows for optimum use of the light tubes and a full and even distribution of light across the aquarium's water surface.

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The solid hinges in sturdy aluminium and screws in stainless steel ensure easy opening and closing of the lid.

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Holding pins

The two holding pins ensure full opening of the lid, so the daily aquarium maintenance is easy and hassle free.

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Practical every day

The light units are placed quite simply above the crossbars. In this way you can easily position the light wherever you want. You can naturally also add several T5-light fittings or LED units, if you need more light.

When you have to work in the aquarium, simply push the light units towards the back of the aquarium. You can also place them on top of each other. In this way you get plenty of space to work, while the aquarium continues to be lit so you can see what you are doing …