Accessories for MOVE

Upgrade your MOVE aquarium so it accurately meets your needs and wishes.




Experience a sunset and sunrise in your aquarium, as you’ve never seen before.

With an Effect-Line Sunriser, you can create a computer-controlled sunset and sunrise in your aquarium. With the help of two push buttons and the rotatable button you choose when the sun should rise and when it should set, and also how strong the light is. The Sunriser helps improve the welfare of your fish. The Sunriser prevents stress for your fish, as you avoid sudden changes in light, and it creates a natural moonshine at night. The Sunriser has been specially developed for use with all our dimmable T5-fittings and LEDs.


Connections and fittings

The MOVE aquarium is always supplied with holes drilled in the bottom glass. There are 2 holes in the 80 cm aquarium and 3 in all other sizes. If you do not want to use the holes in the bottom, stoppers are supplied with the aquarium so that the holes can be tightly and securely sealed. If you want to connect your filter pumps or filter well using the holes, see how to do it by clicking on the recommendations below.


Filterpumpe med 2 slanger

Solution 1 – Use of filter pumps with 2 hoses

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Filterpumpe med 3 slanger

Solution 2 – Use of filter pumps with 3 hoses

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Filterpumpe med udstrømmerrør

Solution 3 – Use of filter pumps with outflow tubes

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Filterpumpe med slanger

Solution 4 – Use of filter pumps with 2 hoses

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Solution 5 – Use of filter sump

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The parts used in the recommendations are found as per below


Tank connector with ¾" internal thread, 1" external thread and ø32 glue adaptor.


Tank connector with a tap, 2 times ¾" internal thread, and 1" external thread.


Hose connector set for 2 x ø12/16 mm hose.


Hose connector set for 2 x ø16/22 mm hose.


Hose connector set for 2 x ø19/27 mm hose.


Outflow pipe with ¾" thread, ø16 mm pipe.


Outflow pipe with ¾" thread, ø20 mm pipe.


Inlet tube with ¾" thread and 150 mm grid pipe.


Overflow pipe with ¾" thread and durso ø 25mm pipe.


Connector set in ø32 mm in plug coupler fittings for sump.

Filter sump

Placed in the cabinet under the aquarium. The sump is supplied without glass cover. If used without glass cover or other cover, the cabinet should be sealed with silicone in all joints, and please fit an active outlet, such as a ventilator, to prevent damage from damp in the cabinet.


Sump for 100 cm cabinet, 70x30x40 cm.


Sump for 130 cm cabinet, 90x30x40 cm.


Sump for 160 cm cabinet, 80x35x40 cm.


Clear aquarium silicone for e.g. sealing cabinet internally.


Adjustable legs for 80, 100 and 130 cm cabinet, set with 6 pieces.


Adjustable legs for 160 and 130 cm cabinet, set with 8 pieces.