LUMAX is our latest LED lighting and has been specially developed for use with the MOVE and FUSION aquariums.


Well-thought-out design

The slim construction makes it easy to fit under the aquarium lid, and if you need more lighting, there is plenty of space for multiple fittings next to each other. LUMAX comes in 5 different LED colour combinations, so it’s easy to find a colour combination to suit you.

A better environment

The specially developed “PLANT” contains a composition of diodes that encourage plant growth and highlights the fishes’ red and blue colours. PLANT reduces the yellowing appearance of the water and gives the aquarium a clean, fresh look. SUN and the pure white version can be used with other types to increase the general light in the aquarium. 


Energy efficient

With its high light output of approx. 135 lumen/W, the white version is among the most energy efficient aquarium light fittings on the market.

100% water resistant

LUMAX is 100% water resistant as all the diodes and electrical connections are protected by a fine layer of ultra-clear silicone. The clear plastic plate that covers the diodes provides additional protection against water spray and makes it easy to keep the fittings clean.


The special “PLANT” has diodes in different colours; white, red, blue and a specially developed warm white, which ensures an extremely high colour fastness and plenty of light in the red spectrum.
"SUN" is our newest model. As the name implies the light has a colour temperatur as the sun approx. 5500 Kelvin. It also has the same colour appearance. With a CRI of 93 "SUN" is phenomenal to reproduce colours correctly.

Lumax aramaturer

Lumax og akvarium




LUMAX comes in 3 lengths and in 5 different colours: PLANT, SUN, white, white/blue and pure blue. The lengths are adapted for the MOVE and FUSION aquariums.

LUMAX LED fittings

6900K, 90 lumen/W
5500K, CRI93, 105 lumen/W
6500K, CRI80, 135 lumen/W

13000K, 95 lumen/W

20 lumen/W      

L x W x H mm Watt Power Supply
LUM730P LUM730S LUM730W LUM730WB LUM730B 730 x 58 x 13 23 POW30, POW60N (max 2 ), POW96N (max 4)
LUM930P LUM930S LUM930W LUM930WB LUM930B 930 x 58 x 13 29 POW30, POW60N (max 2 ), POW96N (max 3)
LUM1230P LUM1230S LUM1230W LUM1230WB LUM1230B 1230 x 58 x 13 38 POW60N, POW96N (max 2)




Lumax diagram 










The spectrum analysis of PLANT clearly shows the high distribution of red and blue light, which encourages the plants’ photosynthesis. The reduced amount of yellow and orange suppresses the impression of “yellow water” in the aquarium.



"SUN" convinces by positioning close to sunlight and having a high colour reproduction. The spectrum analyses shows even colour distribution throughout the light spectra. In contrast to "normal" white LED-lights the colour reproduction in the red areas are very high.







AT8 - LUMAX LED-Controller allows you to custo- mize the amount of light, make sunrise / sunset, and get moonlight in your aquarium at night.






Power Supply Splitter


 By using the Y-splitter cable you can connect
several LUMAX fittings to one and the same power supply.