With the development of LED's, we have set new standards for stunning and effective aquarium lighting.



Basic lighting and point lighting

LED's are based on the new generation of highly effective LED diodes, which together with the in-built aluminium reflector provide both excellent basic lighting and very powerful point lighting. LED's thus succeed in creating a powerful and fully-lit aquarium, as well as a uniquely stunning and comfortable shimmer effect.

We have combined the best of both worlds; an effective and plant-friendly basic lighting as from light tubes, and a beautiful and effective point lighting from LED's.

The powerful 3W diodes are fitted at the bottom of the aluminium profile. The solid profile ensures effective cooling, and thereby longer durability for the diodes. The highly finished reflector has been built so it draws part of the light from the diodes and sends it straight into the aquarium with an angle of approx. 60 degrees. This means optimum use of the light from the diodes, and the aquarium is filled with a beautiful light to the benefit of both plants and fish. As soon as the light breaks across the water’s surface, the powerful direct stream of light from the diodes creates a beautiful and dynamic flicker effect in the aquarium.




In addition to a very high light yield, the powerful CREE 3W XPG/XT-E diodes create a high RA value and a high lumen/watt rate, as well as excellent energy savings and long-lasting durability of the fittings.

CREE 3W XPG/XT-E dioder



The combination of the powerful diodes and the effective reflector creates both a
steady basic lighting and a beautiful spotlight effect.

LED lys

Reduced reflection

The reflection sends the basic lighting out in an angle of max. 30 degrees in relation to the water. The reflection from the water’s surface is therefore reduced as much as possible.

LED lys



LED's are supplied in 4 lengths and three colours; 4500 Kelvin for enhancing red and green colours, 6500 Kelvin for freshwater and 13,000 Kelvin for saltwater/cichlids.

  • LEDs500 500 mm with 6 3W diodes (length corresponds to18/24W strip lights)
  • LEDs800 800 mm with 9 3W diodes (length corresponds to30/39W strip lights)
  • LEDs1100 1100 mm with 12 3W diodes (length corresponds to36/54W strip lights)
  • LEDs1400 1400 mm with 15 3W diodes (length corresponds to58/80W strip lights) 

LED's are supplied without power supply. You can choose from a standard and a dimmable power supply. The dimmable power supply can be connected to our Sunriser, so you can create sunsets and sunrises in your aquarium.

  • DRIV20: Power supply to LEDs500 and LEDs800
  • DRIV20D: Dimmable power supply to LEDs500 and LEDs800
  • DRIV40: Power supply to LEDs1100 and LEDs1400
  • DRIV40D: Dimmable power supply to LEDs1100 and LEDs1400


Integration with fittings

If you have a complete Effect-Light fitting, you can easily fit one or more LED's. LED's have been built to fit accurately into the tracks on the bottom of the fittings.

LED armaturer



Aquarium illuminated with LED’s. The light" flickers "and gives the aquarium a living and natural expression.
Aquarium illuminated with fluorescent light. The light is completely" dead "and gives the aquarium a static expression.


Fitting options

The LED's are multifunctional and can be used for nearly all aquariums; Use them directly below the lid in MOVE and FUSION aquariums, install them in all generations of Effect-Light’s complete fittings or hang them from the ceiling, either individually or in a cluster. Using a number of different adaptors, you can also use LED's in other manufacturer’s fittings, regardless of whether they are for T5 or T8 tubes. 
See more in the section on accessories.

LED montering




LED’s 4500K


LED’s 6500K


LED’s 13000K