Leds i T5


Thanks to the wide choice of accessories, you will always find a way to fit LED's above your aquarium.








Experience a sunset and sunrise in your aquarium, as you’ve never seen before.

With an Effect-Line Sunriser, you can create a computer-controlled sunset and sunrise in your aquarium. With the help of two push buttons and the rotatable button you choose when the sun should rise and when it should set, and also how strong the light is. The Sunriser helps improve the welfare of your fish. The Sunriser prevents stress for your fish, as you avoid sudden changes in light, and it gives a natural moonshine at night. The Sunriser has been specially developed for use with all our dimmable fittings.



T8 Adapter

The T8 adaptor

Enables the installation of LED's instead of a T8 light tube. If you fit an adaptor to either side of an LED, you can fix it to your fittings’ water-resistant socket instead of the tube. In this way, you get all the benefits of LED's without having to replace all the fittings.
AT9021, T8 adaptor for LED's, X 2.


T5 Adapter


The T5 adaptor

Enables fitting of LED's instead of a T5 light tube.
AT9020, T5 adaptor for LED's, X 2.

Skrue Adapter


The screw adaptor

Enables fitting with screws.
AT9022, adaptor for screw fitting, X 2.



Support adaptor

Enables you to hang LED's from the ceiling. The adaptor is included in the purchase of one support set. However, if you want more LED's to hang from the tracks, you can also buy them separately.
AT9023, adaptor for mounting, X 2.

LED ophængt med wirer



Suspension kit

Using the AT9025 suspension kit, you can hang individual LED's from the ceiling. The kit is delivered complete with a support adaptor, wirer and wire lock.
AT9025, suspension kit for one LED's.

3 LEDs

Suspension kits for multiple units

If you need to hang several units above your aquarium, we have 3 suspension kits suitable for such a purpose. The kits are supplied complete with aluminium tracks, support adaptor, wirer and wire locks and are available in 3 widths for 3,4, and 5 LED's respectively. There is plenty of space between each LED on the tracks, so if you need plenty of light, you can therefore fit additional units in the profiles. All you need is the AT9023 support adaptor.

  • AT9026, suspension kit, 30 cm, for 3 LED's
  • AT9027, suspension kit, 40 cm, for 4 LED's
  • AT9028, suspension kit, 50 cm, for 5 LED's