Eldorado bygning

AkvaStabil is a 100% Danish-owned production company based in Haderslev.

Over the last 4 decades, AkvaStabil has produced and sold aquariums, aquarium lighting, aquarium accessories and shop fittings for pet shops all over the world. Our products are exported to resellers and wholesalers in more than 40 countries. AkvaStabil is part of the Eldorado group, which is one of the Nordic’s biggest wholesale companies in the pet industry.


Interesting years for AkvaStabil

  • 1963 Eldorado Dyrehandel opens its doors for the first time in Storegade in Haderslev.
  • 1975 Acquisition of AkvaStabil. This gave the company a significant “push” in the export markets, not only for its own products but also the re-export of other articles.
  • 1985 Acquisition of a gravel company and production is moved to Haderslev
  • 1986 Production of shop fittings was developed, and a leasing department started in line with the rapid rise of exports of these products.
  • 1988 Acquisition of competitor ER-Akvarium, and activities move to Haderslev.
  • 1990 The factory receives bigger premises on the industrial estate.
  • 1992 Acquisition of bigger gravel machine, and production area doubled.
  • 1999 The Effect-Line aquarium range is introduced for the first time.
  • 2004 The Effect-Line shop fittings are developed and sold.
  • 2010 MARK II is born
  • 2012 MOVE and LEDS launches in the autumn of 2012.
  • 2015 FUSION is introduced on the market