The specially designed lighting for MOVE and FUSION allows you to quickly and easily position and adjust your lighting according to your needs

Move belysning



Choose betweenLUMAX and LED's lighting, or a combination of both. There is space for many different light units, particularly in the MOVE aquarium. Getting enough light is therefore never a problem, even for the most light-thirsty plants and corals.

The light units are placed quite simply above the crossbars. This means you can easily position them exactly where you think they will work best for your fish and plants, and they are also easy to move if you need to work in the aquarium.



The slim construction makes it easy to fit under the aquarium lid, and if you need more lighting, there is plenty of space for multiple fittings next to each other. LUMAX comes in 5 different LED colour combinations, so it’s easy to find a colour combination to suit you.

The specially developed “PLANT” contains a composition of diodes that encourage plant growth and highlights the fishes’ red and blue colours. PLANT reduces the yellowing appearance of the water and gives the aquarium a clean, fresh look. The pure white version can be used with other types to increase the general light in the aquarium.

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Lumax aramaturer



LUMAX leveres i 3 længder og i 4 forskellige farvevarianter: PLANT, hvid, hvid/blå og ren blå. Længderne er tilpasset MOVE og FUSION.

Plant White 13000K Blue L x B x H mm Watt Power Supply
LUM730P LUM730W LUM730WB LUM730B 730 x 58 x 13 23 POW30, POW60 (max 2 ), POW96 (max 4)
LUM930P LUM930W LUM930WB LUM930B 930 x 58 x 13 29 POW30, POW60 (max 2 ), POW96 (max 3)
LUM1230P LUM1230W LUM1230WB LUM1230B 1230 x 58 x 13 38 POW60, POW96 (max 2)




LED's, unique lighting for both MOVE and FUSION

LED's allow you to create unique lighting in your aquarium. The combination of powerful 3W diodes and the highly finished reflector provides a fully lit aquarium with a comfortable shimmering sunlight effect in the aquarium. Just like the T5 fitting, the LED's are placed directly above the aquarium’s crossbars. You can then position them to suit your decor and your plants' need for light. LED's are only 60 mm. wide, which leaves plenty of space for multiple units if you need lots of light.

To get the most from your LED's, make sure you have good water circulation on the water’s surface, as it is the light's break on the "waves" that creates the unique shimmering effect. If you have a MOVE aquarium, you can use one of our outflow tubes to feed the water from your pump out to the water’s surface. See more under the section on accessories for MOVE.


LED's are supplied in 4 strips and three colours; 4500 Kelvin for enhancing red and green colours, 6500 Kelvin for freshwater and 13,000 Kelvin for saltwater/cichlids.

Move T5

  • LEDs500, 6x3W for 80 cm aquariums
  • LEDs800, 9x3W for 100 & 200 cm aquariums
  • LEDs1100, 12x3W for 130 cm aquariums
  • LEDs1400, 15x3W for 160 cm aquariums

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LED's, now also as dimmable

The power supply to LED's is also available as a dimmable variety. Using the Sunriser, you can now create sunrises and sunsets in your LED-lit aquarium. The Sunriser naturally also allows you to turn the light up and down manually. This means you can adjust the amount of light in your aquarium, as you require.

  • DRIV20, power supply to LEDs500 and LEDs800
  • DRIV40, power supply to LEDs1100 and LED's1400
  • DIV20D, dimmable power supply to LEDs500 and LEDs800
  • DRIV40D, dimmable power supply to LEDs1100 and LEDs1400




T5 lighting for MOVE

The specially developed T5 fittings are made from 100% polycarbonate. This is completely water-resistant, and the plastic construction makes it safe to use in even the dampest environments.

The fittings are supplied without tubes and reflectors. As the lid on MOVE is white-varnished, it means that nearly all the light from the strip lights is reflected evenly and softly across the aquarium's water surface.





T5, also as dimmable

The fittings are supplied as standard T5 or as dimmable T5. If you choose the dimmable variety, you can connect our Sunriser and create sunrises and sunsets in your aquarium. With help of the Sunriser, you will also be able to manually adjust the quantity of light to suit your needs.



Move T5The T5 fittings are supplied in several sizes:

  • LU2X24,  2x24W for 80 cm aquariums
  • LU2X39,  2x39W for 100 & 200 cm aquariums
  • LU2X54,  2x54W for 130 cm aquariums
  • LU2X80,  2x80W for 160 cm aquariums