Fusion møbel

Furniture for FUSION

The furniture for FUSION is designed for the modern home and the modern individual. The minimalist design with the wide sweeping surfaces combined with the elegant aluminium profile between the doors, makes FUSION furniture a sure winner.

Furniture for FUSION is only available in white and in the following sizes:

  • 80x40x69 cm, with 2 doors for 80x40 cm aquarium
  • 100x50x75 cm, with 2 doors for 100x50 cm aquarium
  • 130x50x75 cm, with 2 doors for 130x50 cm aquarium
  • 160x60x75 cm, with 3 doors for 160x60 cm aquarium
  • 200x60x75 cm, with 3 doors for 200x60 cm aquarium
  • 200x75x75 cm, with 3 doors for 200x75 cm aquarium



FUSION furniture is made in solid white melamine plate. The load-bearing parts are 19 mm thick and the doors and shelves are 16 mm. The characteristic distance between the doors is a solid aluminium profile with integrated grooves, which makes it easy to catch hold of the door's edges. There is a trim on all the furniture’s edges, even on those that aren’t visible! This makes FUSION furniture extra resistant to water – and damage from damp.



Lead-through holes

On the back of the furniture are two large lead-through holes. You can use these to feed cables and filter hoses in and out of the cabinet. There is also a hole in the separator panel, so that you can easily pull cables and hoses through the cabinet’s internal rooms.

Fusion bagfra

Adjustable feet

All FUSION furniture is supplied with sturdy integrated feet, which can be easily adjusted from inside the cabinet, even after the aquarium has been set up.

Be especially careful when setting up on yielding wood floors. All the weight, and therefore the pressure, is transferred through the setscrews onto some quite small areas (point load), which can make the floor boards stiff over time.

Justerbare fødder


All FUSION furniture is supplied with two or three shelves, which you can place wherever you choose.