FUSION aquariums


FUSION continues our long tradition of using aluminium as the main design element. The combination of minimalist design and modern materials ensures a beautiful aquarium at a particularly attractive price – but without compromising quality!



FUSION, a new elegant designer aquarium

Based on the well-known design from the MOVE series, we have developed a new aquarium.

FUSION is our cost-effective alternative to big brother MOVE. FUSION offers more of the same features as MOVE, but differs by being a little lower, having a different glass thickness and by not having holes in the bottom. Unlike MOVE, the lid on FUSION is split into 3 parts, but still easy to open and remove entirely. The removable crossbars provide easy, unhindered access when designing the aquarium, and also give the option of placing lighting exactly where you want it.

For FUSION you can use LED's and/or LUMAX lights, and the number of light unit can be entirely adapted to individual needs and wishes. Both types of lighting also come in dimmable versions, which means you can use one of our controllers to simulate sunsets and sunrises in the aquarium. As with MOVE, the bottom side of the aquarium’s lid is white-varnished to ensure maximum reflection of the light from the fittings.


FUSION variants

FUSION is available in the following sizes: 

  •   80x40x45 cm · 144 litre · 6 mm glass
  • 100x50x50 cm · 250 litre · 8 mm glass
  • 130x50x50 cm · 325 litre · 10/8 mm glass
  • 160x60x60 cm · 576 litre · 12/10 mm glass
  • 200x60x60 cm · 720 litre · 12/10 mm glass
  • 200x75x60 cm · 900 litre · 15/10 mm glass

Furniture for FUSION is produced in white 19 mm melamine sheets. The bottom rail between the doors is an attractive aluminium profile with grooves, which makes it easy to catch hold of the door's edge. The furniture can also be used for MOVE.

There are 2-3 shelves and adjustable legs for all furniture. Through the holes (ø 6 mm) in the bottom plate, the legs can be adjusted from inside the cabinet.




FUSION lighting

You can choose between LUMAX and LED's lighting. You can of course also choose a combination of two light sources. There is space for many light units. That’s why getting enough light is never a problem, even for the most light-thirsty plants and corals. Under the lighting section, you will find more information about the options.

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Practical info

On the back of the aquarium, you will find a hose and cable lead, where there is plenty of space for even the biggest hoses. If you use internal pumps, you will not need such a large opening, and you can easily and elegantly seal the hole with the accompanying lid.

On the two biggest aquariums, we have made 2 openings to allow you to feed hoses into both ends of the aquarium.


Feed caps

The 2 smart feed caps in the lid make daily feeding easy as pie. The caps are easy to separate for cleaning, and if you want to use a feed dispenser, you can also use the holes for this. 

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The lid on the FUSION is made from the 12 cm wide aluminium profile with white composite plates on both sides. The aluminium profile works like a double-sided hinge, so the lid can be opened both at the front and back. Neither the lid or aluminium profile is fixed, so the entire top can be easily lifted for unhindered access to the aquarium.

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Top frames

The newly developed top frame on FUSION is a completely sealed and smooth aluminium profile. There are no edges or cracks for the water to collect in. The frame is therefore very easy to clean and has a beautiful and aesthetic look, even when the lid is completely open.

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